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About Me & of course Advanced Design Series Trucks

My name is Roger and I am crrently an eigth grader at Supai Middle School. It was an idea that i had to get an antique car that was banged up pretty bad, buy it for cheap and customize it until the day i get my driver's license! It has been a lot of fun so far!

I have currently got the frame bare. I took the bed off first, then the front clip.(peice by peice because someone didn't notify me it comes off as one!) Then the cab, which was the hardest part! And finally, the drivetrain, which only took a couple of hours since there was nothing on the frame but it.

My dad has a 327 engine out of a 66' impala that we are going to take out, rebuild, and place in my truck. It should be a pretty sweet ride when we are all done with it!

Go to this web site for all the info on old trucks!
Stove Bolt